It's Shake-n-Bake... and I helped.

A couple of days ago my homie Keli'i at KAI MEDIA asked me to come help him with a video shoot. I don't normally shoot video, but I figured I'd have a lot of fun hanging out on the north shore shooting with him, so I happily agreed.

We were shooting a promotional video for Jana Morgan, a Wedding photographer based out on Maui. (She's real good)

It was a real fun shoot, I got my super hot friends, Mahina and Nalu, to come model for the shoot. Mahina and Nalu did there normal "we're so in love, the rest of the world fades away" type of hanging out, and Jana Morgan put together a nice portrait session, and me and Keli'i got the video footage.

Check out the first edit of the promo video, a lengthier version will eventually be up.

Thanks to Jana Morgan for asking us to shoot, thanks to Kai Media for letting me wear my denim cut-offs to the shoot, and thanks to Mahina and Nalu for being themselves.

Jana Morgan :: Trailer from KAI MEDIA on Vimeo.