Neil AberZombie

On November 2nd, I was hired to shoot the Election again. I was there to get shots, at the Abercrombie headquarters, of peoples reactions and the speech made by Abercrombie. What I didnt realize was that I was going to uncover a huge story... Neil Abercrombie is actually a Zombie. Take a Look...

1.) The night started off well, after the first print-outs of the poll results, the supporters celebrated the good news... Abercrombie was going to be our new Governor.
2.) People were emotional, very happy... slighty unsuspecting.
3.) celebration shots!!
4.) Fists are high, a sign of the good times.
5.) Our new Governor takes the stage with his luitenant.
6.) Brian Schatz, big smile, unaware of what's to come...
7.) Neil Abercrombie, happy as a clam... he has you right where he wants you...
8.) He orders a #2 combo, and a #1 combo from McDonalds... but it's not a Big Mac he wants... it's BRAINS!!
9.) Also, my view gets blocked!! boom

10.) Here we go... Neil takes his celebration to the supporters... and He starts eating people's faces!!! He goes Zombie on the cheek of this unsuspecting elderly supporter...
11.) He grabs this poor childs cranium, and......
12.)... He rips off the kids head!! AHHHHH the horror... AberZombie is rampaging on the people.... he thursts for more blood..
13.) He wants more Brains!!!! His wife is in shock... "No Neil!.. don't eat the dog!", she says. Blood drips from AberZombie's mouth, "Me want animal", he says.

He's a Zombie. (either that, or my sister is really good at Photoshop, you be the judge)