Zombie Party @ The Manifest.

Last Saturday we headed over to Manifest to celebrate our friends' Brandon and Samantha's birthday. It was a Zombie themed party, and it was awesome. The party was so fun, we got to dress up, and drink alcohol.
We got ready at the house nice and early. All we needed was some fake blood and make-up from Wal-mart. Chad used all my tennis stuff to create his character; "Roger DEADerer"
Sam went Dead hooker. (my favorite kind)
Oli was the last minute... "Fuck it, Ronald McDonald is scary" zombie
We got to Manifest early, and we're pleased to see some Zombie on Zombie action as soon as we got in. Our friends Naomi, and the birthday girl, Samantha.
Dead James
Zombie hunters came out too.
.. and the battle continues.
Birthday boy, Brandon

Best Dance floor Zombie award goes to...
I had an accident at the archery range. Deadio
Graham was "Shaun of the dead"

Woes VS. Bumblebee continues

Woebots created his Ashley Wood inspired 3A Zombie outfits
Mike + Miya
Hiroshima Brent

Lucky bloody

Landon, making his zombie costume very slowly by smoking to death... it'll be a few more years till its complete.
"Can I have your phone numberrrrrr?"-Chris

Zumba party