Published. My photos are in some Magazines :)

I'm overdue on this blog post, actually some of these magazines have been out for over 2 months. Anyway, I'm very excited to share these with you. Right now, there are three magazines on the bookshelves at Barnes&Nobles that you should go check out! I took some photos, for work, for 'Pacific Weddings' Magazine, 'Pacific Edge' Magazine, and 'Flux' Magazine.
Check out Pacific Weddings.
First, on the inside Cover, there's a picture of me and Sam! We did a shoot for an AD for the best wedding video company out there, KAI MEDIA. It's a cool underwater photo of us kissing. Photo by Marina Miller
Towards the middle of the magazine, there is a few page spread from a Real Wedding I helped shoot with L'amour Photography. The wedding was at the beautiful Bayer Estates, with an amazing couple from Australia.

In the middle of the magazine, there is a feature on the new La Plume Couture line. It was a really great shoot with L'amour again.
Check out the 'behind the scenes' video from the shoot HERE

Another Magazine to check out. Pacific Edge Magazine
I shot with Dave Miyamoto & Co. for a feature on the Oasis World Estates and other great wedding vendors.

Me and Sam are in another photo for another ad for Kai Media too :)
Also in a big ad for Dave Miyamoto & Co..
Me and Sam underwater with fishes in Makaha.
and a photo of me with the company. (Sam actually pressed the shutter for that pic)
and finally and most recently, I shot some photos for FLUX Magazine!
I got to shoot the photos for the MANIFEST Ad.
this was one of my favorites..
They were even nice enough to put me into the contributor section :)
Profile picture for the 'Makana' article
Product photo for the 'Deconstructing' article
profile photo for the Jason Dow article
and Profile photo for the Jacqueline Rush Lee article.

So Stoked!! Thanks everyone